hosts two discussion forums; one supporting the main Lady Hecate story and one that supports a shared story set in the Helios Beta system of the Cyrannus cluster.

The first forum is the Lady Hecate forum and directly supports the story with discussion on characters, events, locations, ships, and speculation.

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One day over on Wolf’s Shipyard, some of us started discussing the possibility of a shared world with a shared storyline. One thing led to another and we decided to base the bulk of the story in Helios Beta with a focus on Virgon.

We slowly defined a couple goals and baselines:

1. Keep things reasonable.
2. Keep as close to the feel of the canon BSG (RDM’s BSG and Caprica) material as possible.
3. Keep to canon technologies.
4. Tell a good story.

The world and story are still in the planning stages as we want to have as much of the supporting structure for the story (overarching plots, the state of the Colonies, etc.) in place before we started writing the post Cylon attack stories.

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